Separated at birth? Verheugen and the blobfish.

Günter Verheugen, a top left-wing EU bureaucrat, has been caught in a disgusting sex scandal. Disgusting because he is horrible to look at even with his clothes on (apologies for even posting his picture here). 

Verheugen is a socialist flunky who has served in several key roles in the Borg-like transnational organization that does everything it can to stifle healthy European nationalism and promote White genocide. Right now the 72-year-old politician is the European commission's German vice-president.

Pictures obtained by Germany's Bild newspaper reportedly show the aged politician sunbathing naked on a beach with his female chief of staff, Petra Erler, 48, wearing only a baseball cap. 

Such intimacy is normally regarded as a problem for a man who is married to another woman as Verheugen is. But the much bigger problem here is the very real prospect that naked pictures of this disgusting creature might be published across Europe, causing millions to lose their lunch at the same time, possibly causing a tsunami of vomit that could theoretically flood the Ruhr, Germany's industrial heartland, and bring production to a standstill. 

Erler reportedly got an €11,579-a-month job for cozying up to her fish-faced boss. 

Herbert Reul, a Christian Democrat politician, criticized the arrangement:
"I don't find it acceptable that a European commissioner runs around naked on the beach with a senior colleague."
Some analysts see this scandal as evidence of a power struggle in the EU bureaucracy, as, normally, these scumbags can get up to whatever depraved shit they like while the press turns a blind eye. 

Recently, however, Verheugen commented on the "permanent power struggle" between the EU's executive branch, largely appointed by the EU member nations, and its permanent bureaucrats in Brussels, who increasingly themselves as the real and democratically unaccountable power in the evil transnational organization. 

Between 1999 and 2004 Verheugen was the "enlargement commissioner" who oversaw the "big bang" expansion of the EU from 15 to 25 states. Now his main concern seems to be the enlargement of a now flaccid portion of his anatomy.
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